The Fet Gorge is a completely wild place that can only be crossed by water, by kayak or boat. It runs between impressive cliffs that are reflected in the turquoise water and offer a suggestive and changing spectacle.

The Finestres Wall is a paradise for nature lovers. It is a unique spot for its beauty and natural and historical interest. The vertical arrangement of the rock layers, together with the processes of erosion that have acted on them, have given rise to a curious form of wall.

The Fet gorge: naturally perfect

The congost de Fet it’s a natural wonder with a great variety of landscapes and stunning rock formations. Carved by the Noguera Pallaresa River, the gorge offers a visual spectacle with its vertical limestone walls that rise up to 200 meters in height. This impressive geological configuration creates a unique and spectacular environment that captivates visitors.

The Finestres Wall: simply spectacular

The Finestres wall is an impressive rock formation in the form of a wall, which rises majestically in the marginal mountain ranges of Montsec, in the middle of the Canelles reservoir. This natural structure, with its totally vertical and impressive stone walls, offers a spectacular and panoramic landscape. Between the strata lines are the Romanesque hermitage of Sant Vicenç (11th century) and the remains of a medieval castle. It is one of the most emblematic attractions in the area and a must for nature lovers.



Kayak Fet gorge

Go kayaking both ways.

Kayak Finestres wall

Go kayaking both ways.

Boat Finestres wall

Go by boat and return by boat.