Kayak Fet Gorge

What does it consist of?

Kayak Fet Gorge

The Fet gorge , is undoubtedly the best excursion in the Canelles Reservoir area. The route is 14 km long (round trip), of which 5 km pass through the Fet Gorge, between impressive cliffs that are reflected in the water, offering a captivating and ever-changing spectacle.

Just before reaching the exit of the gorge, we find on our left a cliff 80 meters high, where a colony of griffon vultures nests. They will often be observing us from their perches.

Our itinerary offers a complete experience: kayaking both ways. Adventure, landscapes, and comfort guaranteed. Book now!

What does the activity include?
  • Kayak

  • Paddle or oar

  • Flotation vest

  • Waterproof compartment (one per vessel)
  • Helmet (for Mont-rebei gorge)

  • Explanation of how the kayak works
What do you need?
  • Water or any hydrating beverage
  • Spare clothing – It is possible that you may get wet during the kayak journey
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Food (optional) – There are no establishments along the route.
The activity starts at the designated meeting point

Departure from the Corçà Nautical Base (Canelles Reservoir) – FREE PARKING




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