Kayak Wall of Finestres

What does it consist of?

Kayak Wall of Finestres

The Wall of Finestres it’s a double line of vertical layers formed by folding, which, when observed, create a truly extraordinary landscape. Between the two lines of layers, there is the Romanesque hermitage of Sant Vicenç (11th century) and the scant remains of a medieval castle.

The first part of the route goes through the Fet gorge and then heads towards the Quadra de Blancafort. They are the remains of an ancient hilltop castle that was built using natural caves and holes, protected by stone walls. Currently, you can observe some vulture nests. Then, we will see in front of us the spectacular wall of Finestres.

It’s a challenging excursion to undertake in a single day if you aren’t experienced kayakers. Now, as a 2-day expedition, it’s suitable for everyone.

Our itinerary offers a complete experience: kayaking both ways. Adventure, landscapes, and comfort guaranteed. Book now!

What does the activity include?
  • Kayak

  • Paddle or oar

  • Flotation vest

  • Waterproof compartment (one per vessel)
  • Helmet (for Mont-rebei gorge)

  • Explanation of how the kayak works
What do you need?
  • Water or any hydrating beverage
  • Spare clothing – It is possible that you may get wet during the kayak journey
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Food (optional) – There are no establishments along the route.
The activity starts at the designated meeting point

Departure from the Corçà Nautical Base (Canelles Reservoir) – FREE PARKING




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